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  1. You say the merino liner was enough on its own in summer – what do you think the comfortable temperature limit is for it on its own? Since that’s not its primary purpose, none of the shops give any indication. I was considering it as a fastpack option for some long distance runs. I sleep fairly warm and wear a layer of clothes to sleep. Of course, it’ll be down to individual comfort but I’m curious how you found it.

    1. Hi Ella,
      Interesting question. I love the merino liner because I don’t need to wear clothes in it when it’s hot. It controls my body temperature well, and also protects my down sleeping bag from sweat. I wouldn’t use a sleeping bag liner if I was going to wear clothes in it; I would wear merino underwear instead, to protect the sleeping bag. I guess the merino sleeping bag liner I have may add about 3C+ to a sleeping bag, but is in no way windproof if used on its own. You could add a breathable outer/bivvy bag and it may be usable down to say 15C, or a lot lower if wearing clothes as well (or used in a windproof inner tent) I’m not sure though, sorry.
      I think the best option if you’re going to be wearing clothes is to use a lightweight quilt.
      Many thanks for your message, its caused much thought.

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