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This is an EDZ Fingerless Gloves review, for both the silk and merino wool versions.

EDZ fingerless gloves – all merino wool except top right (blue) which are silk

The EDZ Fingerless Gloves are available in merino wool and silk. I have numerous EDZ merino wool products and these have been a surprisingly useful addition. Both the EDZ silk and merino wool fingerless gloves feel well made and fit nicely. EDZ have a size chart so you can measure your hand and order the correct size. The EDZ silk gloves have a feel more like cotton and a very similar feel to the EDZ merino gloves. Both are very comfortable to wear and being fingerless give good dexterity. They are not overly thick so make ideal liner gloves inside thicker insulated gloves or mitts.

I’ve been using these gloves for the past few months and have been particularly impressed with them. So much so, I have purchased another 3 pairs as Christmas presents!

Silk or Merino

They both feel very similar and should last well, but silk should in theory last longer. I’ve not had them long enough to know for sure, but I will add to this review in due course. I am using both gloves for different purposes.

EDZ Silk (blue) and Merino wool (grey) fingerless gloves

I like merino wool clothing because it’s warmer when wet, so when I’m going hiking, I’ll take the merino wool gloves. The silk gloves should wear better and last longer, so I tend to use them more day to day and they’re slightly longer over the wrist and fingers.

I use the silk gloves often and for relatively tough tasks, so will report back soon on their durability.

I live on a narrow boat and I’ve found the EDZ fingerless gloves ideal as liner gloves, inside more insulated gloves while cruising. They are perfect for when I’m often having to remove outer gloves to use my phone, take pictures, tie mooring ropes and operating locks. I’ve also found them useful indoors when it’s chilly, before the heating’s got going. In fact, when my son’s boiler stopped working recently, he used the gloves whilst working from home, and reports that they were excellent for this purpose too! If you are trying to save a bit of money on your bills and have your heating turned off, it may be well worth picking a pair of these gloves up…

Fingerless or Full Finger

EDZ also offer full finger liner gloves, in silk, merino and boiled wool (I have reviewed the merino touch screen version here). For general use, the full finger variants would also work well, again on their own or as liner gloves. However, I have found the fingerless gloves to be particularly useful for their dexterity. When hiking, the fingerless gloves will be ideal when stopping, setting up a camping stove, making a coffee or putting up a tent.


I like the EDZ fingerless gloves and have added them to my hiking and wild camping gear list. Weight 35g. I’ve found that they’ve been in my pocket or worn whenever I go out since receiving them. They are simply nice to have around, worn on their own or as liner gloves under a thicker, more insulated glove in colder weather.

I’ve been using EDZ clothing for a number of years now and have found it all to be good value for money. To me, EDZ clothing seems cost effective but often better quality than similar offerings from other brands. EDZ typically use full merino wool rather than a blend and have a range of options with regards to thickness to choose from, based upon how you plan to use the clothing. I would recommend most EDZ clothing, and would be happy recommend these gloves too, in either silk or merino.

Important – Washing Instructions

Hand wash in cold water only and air dry, do not dry on hot surfaces or tumble dry.

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