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This is a review of the EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt for hiking purposes and everyday use. I’ve been testing the T-shirt since January 2022 and have just returned from a weekend trip to Snowdonia where I ended up wearing it the whole time. Even sleeping in it because my sleeping bag wasn’t warm enough.

The EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt – small size

What I like about the EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt

I’ve been wearing EDZ base layers for a few years now and am confident of the quality and that it will last well. All previous EDZ base layers that I’ve used have been 200gsm thickness which is ideal for colder weather. This EDZ 135gsm T-shirt is a fair bit thinner so ideal for summer and also thin enough to be worn under another layer to boost a winter layering system. I’ve been wearing the T-shirt under EDZs merino wool Plaid Flannel Shirt during the winter and spring this year. They work exceptionally well together. You can read a review of the EDZ merino wool Plaid Flannel shirt here.

I really like merino wool clothing, it’s extremely comfortable in a wide variety of conditions. It’s ideal for hiking as I find merino wool regulates my body temperature well over a wide range of conditions. Merino wool is also a lot warmer and more comfortable than synthetic clothing when it’s wet, either from sweat or rain.

Wearing the EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt with rucksack

The t-shirt is comfortable to wear with a rucksack, on its own or underneath other layers. It’s made from 100% merino wool so perfect for long trips away when I’m unable to wash clothes regularly, as it doesn’t smell. Whilst I’ve mostly used it for hiking, it works equally well in a variety of situations, as a t-shirt when travelling or a day-to-day base layer. It’s also good to the environment as it’s a natural fibre and fully recyclable.

What I dislike about the EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt

Nothing. This t-shirt is excellent, when combined with the EDZ Plaid Flannel shirt, it is perfect for hiking or day-to-day use. Although for cold winter use it may be better to use one of the thicker 200gsm EDZ base layers, in most months I find the 135gsm t-shirt to be perfect.


I am wearing a small size t-shirt even though I would normally buy a medium. I wanted it to be close fitting so I could wear it comfortable under the EDZ Plaid Flannel shirt. I’m 5’8″ tall with a 34″ waist and usually buy medium T-shirts, but will sometimes buy small for a tighter fit.

The EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt has a little stretch in it so even though it’s close fitting it doesn’t feel tight or restrictive, it’s extremely comfortable. EDZ sizing is very good and I’ve never had to send anything back, their clothing is made accurately to the sizes stated on their site.

The EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt worn under the EDZ Merino Wool Plaid Flannel Shirt – after sleeping in them all night

Environmental impact

The EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt is made of 100% merino wool. Merino wool is a natural product and environmentally sustainable, it’s fully recycled at the end of its life. It also doesn’t pollute our water sources like synthetic fibres are doing when washing them.

Saving energy and money – Merino wool products don’t smell as quickly as synthetics so you’re able to wash them less often. Saving water and electric, they also don’t need ironing saving even more electric. That’s got to be a good thing with our ever increasing energy costs.


The EDZ 135gsm merino wool T-shirt is good value for money considering it’s made from merino wool. It’s a really nice fitting T-shirt for wearing year round, even in mid summer. I really like it and am happy to recommend it for hiking and everyday use. I’ll definitely be taking it as my main base layer for my Cape Wrath Trail walk.

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