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This is a review of EDZ merino wool gloves, neck-tube and hat. I have been using them for over a year now and they have been on many wild camping trips in that time – like my 5-day, high level, winter wild-camping trip to the Lakes.

EDZ Merino Wool Hat

The EDZ 100% merino wool beanie hat is extremely warm, but thin enough to fit under a hood or helmet. It’s made of double thickness 200g merino wool.

This beanie fits me perfectly with a nice amount of stretch for a nice snug fit and it’s big enough to cover my ears fully. It’s a great light weight hat that doesn’t take up much room in my pocket when it’s not needed. It’s warm enough for me, when worn under a jacket hood, for full-on winter conditions. The EDZ merino wool beanie hat is my go-to hat since I purchased it. Love it.

Check Amazon price here.

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Wearing EDZ’s merino wool hat, multi-tube, gloves and long sleeve base layer

EDZ Merino Wool Neck Warmer (Buff)

I find having something around my neck makes me a lot warmer and the EDZ 200g merino wool neck warmer is easy to take on and off to regulate my temperature. It’s 100% merino wool and 50cm long, so it’s big enough to be worn as a neck warmer, hat, bandanna, skull cap, balaclava, or headband. It also fits over my blow up pillow making it nice to sleep on when I’m camping.

It’s lovely and soft and fits me perfectly around my neck, better than some more expensive makes. Being made from 200gsm merino, it’s pretty warm so I tend to use it in the colder months. I have a light-weight synthetic one for summer. I have three other makes of neck tube, and the EDZ 200gsm merino wool neck warmer is my favourite.

Check Amazon price here.

EDZ Merino Wool Touch-Screen Gloves

The EDZ merino wool touch-screen grip gloves are thin enough to wear under outer gloves, or can be used on their own. They are a good simple liner glove and being made from merino, they are warmer when wet than a synthetic glove.

However, these gloves are not windproof, so you need an outer glove in really cold conditions. During the winter I use an insulated mitt over them – something like the Montane Prism mitt or the Montane Minimus mitt. I have these in an extra large size so they can fit over all my gloves in really cold or wet weather.

These gloves are available with or without the touch screen option.

EDZ merino wool touch screen gloves

I think the EDZ merino wool liner gloves are good considering their low price. Personally, I would pay the extra for the touch-screen version of this glove. Also consider the Fingerless version available in silk and merino wool.

Fibre content: 97% merino wool, 3% elastane and wash them carefully or they’ll shrink if the water is too warm.

Check Amazon price here.

EDZ Fingerless Gloves – Silk and Merino Wool

Also available as fingerless – Read my EDZ fingerless gloves review here.

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