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This is the gear list for my walk and wild camping trip around Norfolk in March 2020. It was planned so I could be as self sufficient and isolated as possible due to the Covid-19 outbreak. I did make changes to the walk and the gear list during the walk. How the gear performed and the reasons for these changes are explained at the end of the list.

Link to my 200+ mile walk around Norfolk notes.

Update May 2020 I’ve added a second gear list for the second half of the walk, completed in May and much warmer weather.

 Around Norfolk Walk                March 2020              0 to +20
Norfolk Coast Path, Iceni Way and Angles Way.
RucksackAtomPacks – Prospector – 60L                          1050
Pack liner – Sea to Summit  drybag – small80
ShelterTent – Lightwave S10 Sigma      978
Bag for above – Sea to Summit 13L drybag                  28
Pegs – various sizes including bag and spares    167
Cloth – for tent condensation5
Sleep system        Mat – Klymit Inertia O Zone                          358
Bag for above                          17
Sleeping Bag – PHD Hispar 400 K series 744
Bag for above – Dyneema 16
Socks – EDZ Liner 92% merino64
Baselayer – EDZ crew neck long sleeve top – 100% merino235
Baselayer – EDZ leggings – 100% merino215
Balaclava – EDZ 100% merino44
Jacket – Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer hooded jacket213
Bag for above – Dyneema 12
Cook bagStove – Vargo Titanium Triad multifuel stove (meths)30
Windbreak and alloy base43
Pot + Lid – Evernew 600ml92
Mug – Alpkit 400ml62
Knife – Deejo Naked pocket knife15
Spoon – Sea to Summit10
Matches – 1 box    8
Gas Lighter 21
Bag for above – Sea to Summit extra small 15
BagFirst Aid Kit + Mirror bag218
Repair Kit bag107
Wash Kit bag – inc. Towel and Soap Leaves90
Charging leads for Phone/Head torch & Ipod53
Bag for above – Dyneema13
Outside pack +Phone/Camera/GPS/Mapping – Ulefone Armor 3W               361
in pocketsCompass 34
Head torch – Petzl Bindi rechargable   2/3/50hrs35
Reading Glasses + soft case35
iPod and ear phones 156
Dry bag for above – Dyneema 1L 12
Rubbish bag – Sea to Summit XS17
Water bottle – 2L  Evernew                                  40
Water bottle – 1L45
Waterfilter – MSR Guardian Water Purifier Pump     640
Bag for above – MSR66
Toilet bagkitchen roll and antibacterial wipes      (for the day+)56
Toilet trowel – The Duece 2    16
Dry bag for above – Dyneema 1L 12
Spare clothesSocks – EDZ Liner 92% merino           64
often in packPants – EDZ Briefs 100% merino66
Baselayer – Inov-8 AT/C short sleeve 64 % merino112
Jacket – Rab down bodywarmer287
Jacket – Rohan waterproof325
Trousers – EDZ innershell leggings (windproof & water resistant)64
Gloves – EDZ grip – merino41
Head Band                    21
Hat – EDZ Beanie 100% merino44
Dry bag for above – Sea to Summit Nano 13L – for wet clothes28
                                                                                                                 TOTAL =7580g
Wearing Boots – Inov-8 Roclite G 370 size uk 9.5     740
Socks – EDZ all climate boot socks 34% merino98
Pants – EDZ boxers 100% merino90
Baselayer – EDZ zip collar long sleeve 200g 100% merino254
Jacket – EDZ microfleece full zip278
Trousers – Marmot 395
Neck tube – EDZ – 100% merino          51
Sun hat – Rohan 100
Watch – Lorus64
Wallet – Cash, credit/debit cards, ID.     In plastic bag100
                                                                                                                 TOTAL =2170g
Fuel – Methylated spirit500
Loo Roll (kitchen roll)  100
Wet Wipes (Antibaterial)   40217
Water 5L5000
Power pack – Anker Power Core 20000 mAh         342
Fuel – Meths500
Antiseptic wipes and Kitchen/Loo roll

Reasons for the gear choices

My gear list allows for the fact that I live in the centre of Norfolk. This made it possible for my wife to resupply me every 3 or 4 days. The weather forecast was so good, so I didn’t end up taking the waterproof jacket listed above and I was only carrying a maximum of about 3kg of food, at anyone time. But it’s not always possible to filter water because of the low lying farmland nature of Norfolk, so at times I was carrying another 5kg of water. This would be less of an issue if you were not wild camping and eating dehydrated food all the time. It would have been easy to eat out more and stay in accommodation, if it hadn’t been for Covid-19.

Changes I made during the trip

The weather was dry as forecast but the wind was a lot colder than expected so I swapped the Rab bodywarmer for a Helly Hansen Lifaloft insulated jacket. This worked well and only added 38g to my pack weight.

I also found that I could feel the cold ground through my Klymit blowup mat. (The temperature had been dropping below freezing overnight). So I changed it for a Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm blow up mat, it takes a lot more blowing up, requiring me to take the pump sack as well as a separate pillow. It’s a bit of a pain not having the pillow attached to the mat as it is with the Klymit mat. This all added 168g to my pack weight but I was a lot warmer, more comfortable and I slept better, so I’m glad I made this change despite the extra weight.

Gear performance

The gear list for my walk around Norfolk was good for the weather conditions encountered and I would happily take it all again. But for the reasons described above, I would probably have made the changes from the start.

All the gear performed well and is mostly my usual wild camping set up, used and abused on many previous trips. The only item on the list that I hadn’t used before was the new Lightwave S10 Sigma single skin tent. I’m very pleased with it so far, because it was easy to pitch, stood up well in the wind and only had a minor issue with condensation. You can read my full review the tent here.  

2nd Gear List for the Around Norfolk Walk

   Around Norfolk Walk – 2nd half               May 2020           +8 to +25
Rucksack AtomPacks – Prospector – 60L                       1050
TentTarptent Notch Li554
Bag for above – Tarptent dyneema tent bag               12
Pegs – including bag and spares117
Sleep system        Quilt – Big Angus Kings Canyon – 227g primoloft silver synthetic insulation443
Bag for above13
Sleeping mat – Klymit Inertia O Zone                358
Sleeping mat – Thermarest Neo Air – small204
Pants – Rohan Alpha silver briefs51
Bag for above                            13
Cook bagStove – Vargo Titanium Triad multifuel stove (meths)30
Windbreak and alloy base43
Pot + Lid – Evernew 600ml92
Mug – Alpkit 400ml62
Knife – Deejo Naked pocket knife15
Spoon – Sea to Summit10
Gas Lighter 21
Bag for above – Sea to Summit extra small15
Food Bag – Ultrasil zip28
BagFirst Aid Kit + Mirror in bag218
Wash Kit bag –  Towel and Soap Leaves90
Outside pack Maps                                                                                                                    35
and in pocketsPhone/Camera/GPS/Mapping – Ulefone Armor 3W            361
Compass 34
Head torch –Petzl Bindi rechargable   2/3/50hrs35
Water bottle – 2L Evernew                   40
Toilet bagkitchen roll and antibacterial wipes      (for the day+)56
Toilet trowel – The Duece 2    16
Dry bag for above – Dyneema 1L 12
ClothingSocks – Rohan 52
often in packMidlayer – Rohan Microgrid Stowaway crew neck 280
Jacket – Montane windproof160
Jacket –Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer213
Head Band – Buff merino                  15
Hat – Buff merino20
Neck tube – Buff merino      40
Bag for above – Dyneema16
                                                                                                                TOTAL =  4824g
Gear worn orBoots – Altra Lone Peak 4 mesh trail shoes – size uk 9    622
carried in handsSocks – Darn Tough Light Hiker 43% merino55
Underwear – Rohan 40
Baselayer – Rohan Equator Shirt 184
Trousers – Rohan Trailblazers               348
Sun hat – Rohan 100
Walking Poles – Fizan – pair  354
Watch – Lorus64
Wallet – Cash, credit/debit cards, ID.     In plastic bag100
                                                                                                                        Total =  1867g

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  1. Thank you for such a swift and detailed reply.

    All advice is taken on board.

    I am hoping to keep to the lighter end of the scale as I thought turning 30 was hard, then I turned 40 and really noticed the physical decline 🤣🤣

    So stocking along the way (where possible) will be the plan, although despite the lighter end of the scale I am in it for enjoyment, so won’t be going to the extremes of putting myself through extra hardship just to shave off that extra few grams.

    I have some ‘wild camping’ experience but not of multi day longer distance walks. My ambitions are smaller than yours as I just wish to remain in the UK. At present though I am content to build up experience, kit, skills etc in the local area.
    I agree completely about the leave no trace and respect etc principles I have read elsewhere on your site. I wish others did as well.

    Anyways, I am waffling.

    Thank you Mark, all the best and safe travels.

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