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I will be walking the Skye Trail south to north in May 2021. My route will start in Broadford and finish in Rubha Hunish. This is the opposite to the route description in Cicerone’s Skye Trail guide. However, I will be following the same route but I won’t be carrying the Cicerone guide with me, to save weight. I’ll be carrying the Harvey Skye Trail map, which also shows alternative routes that it’s possible to take. Reasons for postponing this walk to 2021.

The Skye Trail is an unofficial route for experienced hikers, often over pathless terrain. The route passes beneath the Cuillin ridge and over the Trotternish Ridge. Traveling through some of the most stunning scenery on the Isle of Skye.

Why south to north?

I am walking the Skye Trail this way round as I will have (hopefully!) just finished my Scottish National Trail walk, finishing at Cape Wrath. I will be travelling from there, straight to the Isle of Skye and this means I’ll be low on lightweight supplies for the week long walk on Skye. I’ll have to stop in Broadford to resupply but it’s unlikely the shop there will have everything I need. So I’m planning to collect a resupply parcel of dehydrated meals, coffee sachets (essential), antibacterial wipes and soap leaves to the Post Office at Broadford.

Another reason for walking the Skye Trail south to north, and straight after the Scottish National trail, is to save on both the travel and the environmental costs of getting to Scotland from Norfolk (where I live) in the first place.

The plan is to meet my family at the northern end of the Skye Trail, at Rubha Hunish.

The plan

I will be posting updates on my progress as I go. If you would like to receive updates by email, please click the ‘subscribe’ button in the sidebar.

I will be wild camping every night (as always) in my new Lightwave S10 Sigma tent. You can read my initial review of this tent here. My walk of the Skye Trail south to north will allow me to thoroughly test the tent.

I’m planning to wild camp on the Skye Trail in this tent – the new Lightwave S10 Sigma

My gear list for this walk is here.

Further reading:

Cicerone Skye Trail guide book.

Harvey Skye Trail map.

My 11 Wild Camping Rules.

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