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-9C to +20C possible                  April to May 2021             
(+ Extras carried for the first two weeks walking with my family)              
RucksackAtomPacks -Prospector – 60L                          1050g
Pack liner waterproof – Sea to Summit – small80g
ShelterTent – Lightwave S10 Sigma (+ Tarptent Stratospire Li 807g)978g
Bag for above – Sea to Summit 13L drybag                  28g
Pegs – including bag and spares. Various sizes x 16 (+ Pegs 17g)167g
Cloth – for tent condensation 5g
Sleep system  Mat – Thermarest Z-Lite Sole (+ Exped Air Pillow 47g) 402g
Mat – Klymit Inertia O Zone (+ Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm 424g) 358g
Bag for above 17g
Sleeping Bag – PHD Hispar 400 K series 744g
Bag for above – Dyneema 16g
Socks – M&S ankle high 64% merino    28g
Socks – PHD Wafer K series down54g
Leggings – EDZ 200gsm 100% merino    (+ 215g)
Baselayer – EDZ Crew Neck long sleeve 200gsm merino (+ 235g)
Balaclava – EDZ 100% merino  (+ 44g)
Bodysuit – Icebreaker Bodyfitzone merino (*instead of EDZ base layers to sleep in if warm to save 79g) 418g
Bag for above – Dyneema 12g
 Jacket – PHD Yukon K series 370g
Bag for above – Dyneema 12g
Cook bagStove – Vargo Titanium Triad multi fuel (meths)30g
Windscreen and alloy base43g
Pot + Lid – Evernew Titanium 600ml92g
Mug – Alpkit Titanium 400ml62g
Knife – Deejo Naked pocket knife15g
Spoon – Sea to Summit10g
Gas Lighter 21g
Bag for above – Sea to Summit extra small 15g
BagFirst Aid Kit bag – including mirror218g
Repair and Spares bag – including lighter, matches and shoe repair glue107g
Wash bag – including towel and soap leaves  90g
USB Plug – 24w 2 port USB charger (2.4A per port)       83g
Power pack – Anker Power Core 20000 mAh 342
Charging leads for the Phone/Headtorch & iPod53g
Paper + Pen + envelopes/stamps                          50g
Bag for above – Dyneema13g
Maps – OS 1/50,000 printed A4 125g
Outside packPhone/Camera/GPS/Mapping – Ulefone Armor 3W – 2 week battery life. 361g
in pocketsCompass – Silva 34g
Sitmat – Thermarest Z seat (+ 57g)
Head torch – Petzl Bindi rechargable   2/3/50hrs35g
Reading Glasses + soft case35g
Midge head net9g
iPod and ear phones  156g
Dry bag for above – Dyneema 1L 12g
Rubbish bag – Sea to Summit extra small17g
Waterfilter – MSR Guardian Water Purifier Pump     640g
Bag for above – MSR66g
Water bottle –  Evernew 2L                            40g
Toilet bagkitchen roll and antibacterial wipes – for the day56g
Toilet trowel – The Duece 2    16g
Dry bag for above – Dyneema 1L 12g
Spare clothes Socks – EDZ thermal liner 92% merino  64g
often in pack Socks – Darn Tough Light Hiker 43% merino55g
Socks – Darn Tough Hiker 61% merino           75g
Socks – EDZ waterproofcalf length160g
Pants – EDZ Briefs 100% merino66g
Baselayer – Inov-8 AT/C long sleeve 64 % merino 134g
Hoody – Icebreaker Descender 84% merino                        456g
Jacket – Rab Valiance Down – waterproof               757g
Gloves – EDZ touch screen grip merino 41g
Gloves – synthetic insulation mitts89g
Gloves – Extremities Tuff Bags waterproof mitts 71g
Head Band – Rohan 21g
Hat – EDZ Beanie 100% merino 44g
Dry bag for above – Rab – for dry clothes 38g
Dry bag for above – Sea to Summit Nano 13L – for wet clothes 28g
Wearing andBoots – Inov8 Roclite G 335 size uk 9.5 with Inov-8 insoles660g
carrying inInsoles – Superfeet merino 113g
hands Mini gaiters 55g
Socks – EDZ all climate boot socks 34% merino98g
Pants – EDZ boxers 100% merino90g
Baselayer – EDZ zip collar long sleeve 200g 100% merino254g
Midlayer – Paramo Bentu fleece                                                    417g
Jacket – Paramo Bentu windproof                         433g
Trousers – Paramo Cascade 11  481g
Neck tube – EDZ – 100% merino 51g
Gloves – RAB convertible mitts 77g
Sun hat – Rohan 100g
Walking Poles – Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Z – 120cm – pair 460g
Watch – Lorus 64g
Wallet – Cash, credit/debit cards, ID.  100g
_____________________________________       TOTAL =3649g
Fuel – Methylated spirit500g
Loo Roll (kitchen roll)
Antibacterial wet wipes
Food – Maximum 7 days – emergency or delays if rivers in spate
Protect the Guardian water filter from freezing.
Protect phone and power pack from the cold to save power loss.
Be aware of bank holidays and Sunday closing times
                            The Paramo Bentu windproof and Paramo Bentu fleece worn together are waterproof, as are the Paramo Cascade 11 trousers. So there are no other waterproofs in the gear list.
The Rab Valiance jacket is also waterproof but is intended to be worn over everything at stops, and as my emergency layer if it’s extremely cold.
*I’ll be taking the Icebreaker Bodysuit 200g merino because it saves me 77g. However, it won’t be as warm as the EDZ merino Crew Neck long sleeve top, leggings and balaclava, which I would normally use if I’m expecting cold temperatures over night.
Instead of taking my usual sleep system: Therm-a-rest Neoair XTherm, Exped Air UL, Thermarest Pump Sack and Thermarest Z seat, I’ll be taking my Thermarest Z-Lite Sole closed cell foam mat and the Klymit Inertia O Zone blowup mat. This weighs about 177g more but will cover me if the air mat gets a puncture as I’ll still be left with something to sleep on. Also the closed cell foam mat acts as a ground sheet, protecting the air mat from punctures. These two mats are also quicker and easier to set up every night.
Personal Metabolism
I’m getting older and I feel the cold more than I used to, so I carry more clothes (especially gloves) than many people.
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