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Update 2021 – I am sorry to say that EDZ no longer sell these leggings. They are now just specialising in merino wool products only. Read my EDZ clothing review here.

I am reviewing the EDZ innershell leggings for walking purposes. Due to their very lightweight material and simple design, they are best used for 3-season walking on good paths in fairly good weather. They are not suitable for hard use, like rocky scrambles or pushing through undergrowth off trail. Thorns, jagged rocks and barbed wire would probably rip them to pieces. They are wind and shower proof and can be worn either as a windproof liner or over trousers.

Design and fit

The EDZ innershell leggings are a very simple, reasonably snug fitting design with non-adjustable elastic at the waistband and ankles. There are no pockets, fly or side zips that you might expect on your usual waterproof trousers.

They are also ultra compact (they pack down to the size of a tangerine), machine washable and are made of shower proof ultra-thin 0.06mm pertex nylon material. My medium size weigh 64g (2.3oz).

The simple elastic waistband was very comfortable under my rucksack belt; I couldn’t feel it at all. The elastic bottoms of the trouser legs held nicely around my boots, sealing them from the dirt which negated the use of gaiters. The legs are reasonably close fitting, so they didn’t flap too much in the wind.

EDZ innershell leggings – tested in Norfolk mud


I’m very impressed with these trousers. I wore them continuously for around 9 hours in persistent drizzle and temperatures between 4 and 11 degrees centigrade, and they kept my trousers completely dry.

Normally I cannot wear waterproof trousers for long because they don’t breathe very well. I over-heat and then get wet from sweat. In the drizzly conditions I had during the test, I would normally have been pulling them on and off all day between showers. But these EDZ leggings were really pleasant to wear. Most of the time I’d forgotten I was wearing them.

They were more breathable and water resistant than I expected, so I didn’t need to keep stopping and taking them on and off. Because of this, the lack of zips on the legs was fine, even a bonus because it makes the trousers lighter and more comfortable.

Overall verdict

The £44.99 price tag (at time of writing) and 64g weight affects my views on what these leggings are for. I wouldn’t buy them to replace my waterproof trousers, but to have as well. I would take the EDZ innershell leggings with me on the days that I wouldn’t bother carrying proper waterproof trousers. They are not designed to replace them, but there is a larger overlap than expected. I am seriously considering taking these on next year’s Scottish National Trail walk, as well as or instead of full waterproof trousers.

The EDZ innershell leggings are windproof and water resistant trousers. They’re not fully waterproof and will not replace your heavy duty, seam sealed waterproof trousers. Due to their light weight nature, they are fairly delicate and will have to be treated appropriately. No scrambling through untamed wilderness with these trousers on!

However, I like them a lot. I think they are excellent value for money and more useful than I expected. They are so light and compact that there’s no reason they shouldn’t be in my pocket whenever I leave the house and if I’m not likely to be walking in heavy rain for long periods. They’re perfect for some extra warmth, to have on if I’m caught in a shower, or simply for keep my trousers clean when crossing a muddy field. I think everybody should have a pair and would find them useful, especially in our changeable climate. I even used them on the first part of my 1,100 mile Dover to Cape Wrath walk.

Testing the EDZ innershell leggings

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Disclosure: I purchased these with my own money, but have since been given some clothing from EDZ to review. There was no financial incentive or expectation to write a positive review. The above review is my honest opinion of these leggings.

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