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I have checked and re-checked my kit list and pack. All my electrical equipment (phone, iPod, head torch, Flip 10 power pack) is fully charged. My hair’s cut as short as I dare (number 4 all over) and I’ve shaved off my beard to get me through as long as possible. I have even removed hair from anywhere that might trap sweat and start to smell, cut my nails and enjoyed a last bath.

My starting body weight is 11 st 3 (71kg), according to my dodgy bathroom scales (well, my wife regularly complains that they are broken!) I’ve still got a cold / man flu that I’ve had for the last week and I am definitely not hill fit. The only exercise I’ve had in the last month is 20 minutes a day on a treadmill. What on earth am I letting myself in for?

Land's End sign post - New York 3147 miles, John O'Groats 874 miles and walker with rucksack
At Land’s End – and true to my low-cost philosophy, I didn’t pay for the personalised signpost photo!

A few months ago, I found the Cicerone End to End Trail book lurking on the sale table in the Norwich branch of Cotswold’s. (The book ended up not even being on sale – I had to pay full price, which anyone who knows me will testify I hardly ever do! Something made me buy it.)

Having read the book from cover to cover, I am now setting off on my own end to end trail which will have very little resemblance to the walk described in the book. But maybe that’s the point of the trail – that everyone makes it their own?

All I know is that I am fully out of my comfort zone, and seriously considering that I might be mad. I’m very interested to see what happens next. Will I even survive my man flu?

As I am concerned about charging my phone along the route, I will be relaying information to my wife to add to the blog as I go. The first few days of the trail will be posted relatively quickly, as she and the children will be with me. After that, blog posts will be sporadic – I apologise in advance for that. I hope that you enjoy following my progress.

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  1. Well the time is finally upon you. Enjoy your adventure, I’m sure that the ‘man flu’ will soon be forgotten once you get into your stride. Enjoy!

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